Pyrobridge Introduction

Bobsong is the founder of Pyrobridge owns more than 1,100 members from fireworks factories, companies and related fields. Services focus on:

Your Partner in China, Fireworks Training and Consulting services.

Bob came back to hometown (Liuyang) from Shenzhen city in 2008, worked as Quality Assurance Manager at Shiu Fung Fireworks Co., Ltd. more than 7 years (2008-2015)

Responsible for the Quality Control of the Black Cat (USA), Comet, Keller (Germany) and Standard (UK) brands of consumer fireworks. Implemented and maintained ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System for more than 7 years successfully. Updated QMS documents to meet the requirements of EN15947, APA 87-1 Standard, AFSL Standard and ISO.

Succeeded in organzing Shiufung internal training in 2008

Shiufung passed BAM Module E  audit  in 2013. Our workmates from Comet, Keller and Standard fireworks.

In 2013, The 14th International Symposium on Fireworks was held in Changsha, China.

Bob, President Ettore Contestabile, VP and Secretary Roger Schneider

In 2014,  The First Pyrobridge Acitivity, 8 members attended Trail walker (ONE HUNDRED KILOMETERS HIKE)

In 2015, The Second Pyrobridge Meeting

In 2015, NFA( National Fireworks Association) in USA

In 2015, AFSL( American Fireworks Standards Laboratory ) in Liuyang, China

In 2016, Robert Foti and I organized Fireworks Salon in Liuyang. At that time, Bob worked as American Fireworks Auditor for FC approval.

In 2016,The 236th Fireworks Salon was hold in Pyrobridge office

In 2017, Organized Pyrobridge members took part in Laser and Fireworks show in Liuyang.

In 2017, NFA( National Fireworks Association) in USA

Pyrobridge will be your best partner in China. or help you find the right partners.