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Global Fireworks Headlines

The Updated News and Headlines from the Fireworks Industry.
  • Pyrobridge Introduction

    Bobsong is the founder of Pyrobridge owns more than 1,100 members from fireworks factories, companies and related fields. Services focus on: Your Partner in China, Fireworks Training and Consulting services. Bob came back to hometown (Liuyang) from Shenzhen city in 2008, worked as Quality Assurance Manager at Shiu Fung Fireworks Co., Ltd. more than 7

  • Yueyang Chenglingji New Port Got Business licenses , Shanghai shipping “crisis” is working out

    28 Jun, 2019. Today, Yueyang Chenglingji New Port got Business license  in Hunan, China, it means that Yueyang port has ability to provides container loading & unloading services. Then the port is following up Operations  Certificate of Hazardous Goods at ports. Hua Yang Transportation is waiting for further information, and loading via Shanghai port will

  • The Chinese tariff vs America’s Fourth of July fireworks tradition

    Marketwatch.com, Published: June 15, 2019 7:33 a.m. ET The Chinese tariff fight could blow up America’s Fourth of July fireworks tradition The 25% tariffs could hurt family-owned businesses central to American celebrations. Fireworks industry members, who rely deeply on China’s pyrotechnic products, are worried possible tariffs would explode the bottom line for many businesses and darken

  • Mystical Distributing visited Pyrobridge

    Pyrobridge Talk: 17 May, 2019, Mr Rod and Shane from Canada had a meeting with some bosses from Liuyang fireworks enterprises in Pyrobridge office. Topics: Small fireworks items