Hot Weather Policy for 2018 China fireworks in Summer-170718

Pyrobridge News-170718:pyrobridge


Liuyang Administration of Work Safety says,

hot break for fireworks manufacturing will start from Jul., 1 to Sept. 1, 2018. But 418 factories with approval by government can continue in Jul,  even 79 ones don’t stop throughout summer time, it means these 79 factories can produce fireworks or firecrackers all the time, all of them are from Category 1.  Liuyang’s fireworks  are categorized into Category 1.(the best), Category 2. Category 3, according to enterprise size、tax and so on.This year, Liuyang municipal government  implemented more flexible policy.



All fireworks factories must stop production since the first of August, and recover after Sept 1, 2018. Factories without permission already stopped since Jul 3.,2018. Ones with approval can keep on producing by Jul 27.,2018.